10 Ways to Quickly Index Your Website on Google

This is especially true if you are new to Kenya Phone number SEO and need to compete with websites that have been around for ages. You try so hard to reach the top, but you always fail. The problem should not be in the strategies you apply. You can do everything right. However, if Google doesn’t know you, you won’t rank well. If Google does not index your website pages, you have NO CHANCE to appear in search results. That said, today we’re going to show you 10 ways you can get your pages indexed by Kenya Phone number Google and rank higher. What is Google Indexing?

There Are Three Terms We Need to Clarify.

crawling Indexing Ranking Many marketers use “ crawling” and “ indexing” interchangeably. However, there are Kenya Phone number important differences between them. crawling Google robots are constantly looking for new websites. They do this either by checking the sitemap you provide or by following backlinks. When Google bots find a new website, they perform a website check. They’ll look at what’s on it, check the content and the overall visual presentation. Indexing If the crawlers decide that Kenya Phone number your content is worth showing in the search results, they index your page. Google stores your page in an extensive database Index.

There Is All Kinds of Information About Your Page in the Database,

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such as content, layout, images, etc. The next time Google bots crawl your website, they will compare the crawled website to Kenya’s Phone number the one stored in the index. If they find differences, they update the indexed page. Ranking Every webpage in the search results is indexed. However, not all indexed pages can be ranked. If you type “Apple” into Google, you get over 5 billion indexed pages. google index example Can you imagine ranking 3 billion web pages in Google? You Kenya Phone number will get 300 million Google pages (10 results on each page).

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