14 Little Things to Improve Your Content

Good content is a good idea. It is also a question of production quality. I can’t give much advice on video or audio, but I write a lot . These are my favorite little tweaks to improve Singapore Phone Number List content quality, reader happiness, and performance. All of these tips assume that you can edit your own content, but not the page template or the larger code that drives it. These are simple and straightforward standards that, when applied, enhance content:1. Simplify your language I love using polysyllabic communications, greatly increasing the difficulty readers have when trying to consume my content. The passive voice is another problem that is created by me. A tool like Hemingway flags hard-to-read sentences, passive voice, and other little pitfalls. If you can’t find a good publisher, that’s the best thing to do.

Proofread It’s True That You Can Fix

Hemingway app Hemingway Hemingway app, doing its job if your writing is just a Singapore Phone Number clearer, the public’s perception of it skyrockets. Never, ever, ever trust a computer to do your editing. Use it as a guide and check, but review changes before accepting them. Unless you want to get on someone’s list of hilarious autocorrect errors. 2. Proofread it’s true that you can fix typos after you post. Still, it’s kind of embarrassing when you, I don’t know, type something like this: however, it’s quite embarrassing when you…” ironically, that’s exactly what I did when typing this. Grammar works its magic grammatically grammar works its magic.

As Difficult and Scary as It Sounds

Singapore Phone Number List

It’s a good automated proofreader that Singapore Phone Number List would have saved me a lot of heartache when doing print advertising. A human reviewer is even better. But the grammar is good. Catch a few little mistakes and you put the polish on your hard work. See warning above 3. Use smart quotes computers and web pages use quotation marks by default. He said “Hello” the squid replied ‘yo’ it’s good for code, but it’s terrible typography for most content. Be sure to use smart quotes: he said “Hello” the squid replied ‘yo’ it’s not as difficult and scary as it sounds. If you’re using a tool like WordPress in visual mode, it should convert directly to smart quotes for you. If you’re using markdown, most converters will do the same.

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