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After that,It is clear that we are in the age of mobile. People are sleeping next to their phones, mobile marketing buzzwords are appearing on top lists, and 80% of internet users now own a smartphone. Smartphones and their apps are essentially personal and business tools that are growing in importance as the mobile movement grows with each passing day. Many mobile apps serve marketers better than their desktop counterparts. The most important benefit of mobile apps?

They are accessible everywhere. While you’re eating out, on the train, or at the gym, duty may call and it’s important that marketers have the tools they need to get the job done.25 mobile apps for marketers1.EvernoteDiscover an article you want to read later? Save it. Have to buy Photo Retouching too many groceries to remember? Write a list. Need to research the latest marketing tactics? Save your results. Tired of hunting down those shards of things to do and memories?

It’s the Ultimate Photo Retouching

Try Evernote. It’s the ultimate workspace, and it lets you do all this and more with just one app. Bonus app: Evernote also brings us Skitch, a unique platform where you can use shapes, sketches, and annotations to compile your ideas and share your points.2. MailboxSixty-three percent of marketers spend at least three hours a day on email, while 18% spend on Photo Retouching email. It is clear from these statistics that email is an extremely important aspect of our lives. Make those hours more efficient and potentially shorter with Mailbox. This app helps you quickly browse through emails with quick scan and scan, helping you decide which emails to keep and which ones belong in the trash.3.GoDocsGoDocs brings Google Drive to your phone in an organized (and quite beautiful) interface. Use this app to view, save, share and edit your documents.

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After that, Optical character recognition: convert text from images to editable text. Password protection – increase the security of your documents. External display support . Present your documents on the go and google apps support for optimal use.4.Dropboxdropbox is a popular Photo Retouching and easy-to-use document-sharing application. Simply drag and drop your documents into the dropbox folder. On your computer or into the app on your mobile device. And instantly view your documents wherever you are. Easily share single folders or documents with other marketers to collaborate on important projects.5. VesperVesper handles one thing and handles it well.

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