7 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money on Google Adwords

One way or another, we all know a story of Sweden Phone Number List advertisers losing money through pay-per-click marketing campaigns through google adwords. Losing money on google adwords is a lot easier than you think. With all the complex campaign-level settings, setup requirements, keyword research, copywriting, keyword bidding, and competition that go into managing a ppc account, it can be easy for advertisers to be wrong. Even more, google adwords capabilities and trends are changing so rapidly that tactics that worked two months ago may be outdated today. If you’re currently running a set of google adwords campaigns and aren’t happy with the return you’re getting, check out these seven tactics to stop wasting your pay-per-click marketing dollars. 1. Test and adjust keyword match types when you add new keywords to your campaign ad groups, broad match is the default match type that your keywords will maintain.

Test Your Keyword Match Type Options

Broad match keywords typically drive more impressions compared to Sweden Phone Number phrase or exact match. Implementing broad match keywords. Can be a great way to increase your adwords. Account traffic levels and can also help. Advertisers discover new keywords by generating. A search query report. However, as the least specific type of keyword match. Broad match keywords can drive. A high percentage of impressions and clicks. From unqualified searchers who aren’t. Actually looking for what your business offers. That said, you may end up spending your budget on unqualified visitors who won’t end up becoming customers. Test your keyword match type options and use a variety of modified broad, phrase, and exact keywords within your active ad groups to find the winning combination when looking at keywords and match types.

Match Type That Your Keywords Will Maintain

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The graph below illustrates this impression/relevance balance when switching from Sweden Phone Number List one type of correspondence to another. Mars type chart 2. Find long-tail keywords for your campaign slong-tail keywords are labeled as keyword phrases using three or more words. Due to the specificity of long-tail keywords, they tend to be searched less often. This means smaller opportunities for ad placements and clicks. However, there is generally less competition on long-tail search terms. In addition to reducing competition, using long-tail keywords to describe a specific offer can help create more relevant advertising, which can also improve your quality score.

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