A Look Back at the 2015 E-commerce Show: Mixed Results From the Conferences

The E-commerce Show is an event that Powertrafic never misses! It is therefore natural that for the 4th time in a row we have responded to this 12th edition of the 2015 E-commerce Show. From Monday 21 to 23 September, head to Czech Republic Phone number the capital to make our place among the many stands exhibiting during these 3 days madness. The E-commerce Fair: the cross-channel event not to be missed The Show is still structured around the “Technologies”, “Digital Marketing”, “Logistics” and “Customer Experience” areas, but this year there is something new: a second event launched in parallel,

The Highlights of the E-commerce Show That You Had to Follow…

the Paris Retail Week. 1200m² additional dedicated to Czech Republic Phone number the meeting between e-merchants and merchants with a physical store. Indeed, the boundaries between points of sale and e-commerce are increasingly fine. Consumers are ultra-connected. Use of smartphones the success of click and collect. The customer journey at the point of sale has also changed. That’s why we talk about cross-channel. E-merchants and merchants are ultimately faced with similar issues. Those of having to capture the attention of. An increasingly demanding and omnichannel consumer. By (and on) all means.

The E-commerce Show Also Means Speaking Times, 300 in Total Over

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 these three days. There are conferences, plenaries, keynotes but also academies like Google, Facebook and Twitter who took the floor explaining their strategies related to e-commerce. And then, the E-commerce Show is also Czech Republic Phone number the election of the E-commerce Awards , the election of the Rookie of the year (understand by this that we elect a new company which has a “wow” concept) and the Start-up village, to stay up to date on what’s new at the moment. Personally, I didn’t feel these strong moments… I must have been probably in the wrong places! And, the Powertrafic stand in all this? Installed in the

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