A New Kind of Google Context Question

Receiving at a server text to be translated from. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. Source language to a target language, the source language being the same language as the model associated with the model, analyzing the text at. The server using the model, and having. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. Server use the model based on the usage The model analyzes The text to generate and output a translation of the text from the source language to. The target language. Search results unsurprisingly. The patent’s abstract also points to the possibility that the process behind the patent could. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. lead to the possibility of returning search results. In some embodiments. The operations further include indexing. The plurality of web pages using. The model to obtain the indexed plurality of web pages.

Google Crowdsourced Local Information Using

SUtilizing the indexed plurality of web pages to provide Bolivia Phone Numbers List earch results in response to the search query. The Semantic Framework patents are located at: Semantic Frame Recognition with Distributed Word Representation Inventors: Dipankar Das, Kuzmina Ganache, Jason Weston, and Karl Moritz Hermann Assignee. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. Patent 10,289,952 Granted: May. Abstract the computer-implemented technique may include receiving, at a server. Labeled training data comprising a plurality of phrases, each group of words having a predicate, and each word having. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. Generic word embedding. The technique may include extracting, at the server, a plurality of phrases in the syntactic context of their predicates.

A New Direction for Contextual Issues

The technique may include concatenating. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. Common word embeddings at the server to create a high-dimensional vector space representing the features of each word. The technique may include obtaining at the server a model. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. With a learned mapping from a high-dimensional vector space to a low-dimensional vector space and a learned embedding for each possible semantic frame in the low-dimensional vector space. The technique may also include outputting by the server. Storage model That can identify the. Bolivia Phone Numbers List. Particular semantic framework of the input. Is Google in the post-semantic framework era? As of April 12, 2019, Google has also continued work. On semantic frameworks, as seen in this recent paper.

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