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Don’t you like the idea of going to touch code in your template? Nothing happens. There is a plugin that allows you to do it easily. The shortcoder plugin next we will see how you can use shortcoder for this. It is a free plugin that allows you to use the page editor to create shortcodes in wordpress. To start using it. Go to the wordpress control panel. Click on “add plugin” and search for shortcoder. After installing the plugin. Follow these steps to create your first shortcode: in the menu on the left go to “settings” and then select “shortcoder”.settings-shortcoder click on “create a new shortcode”. Give the shortcode a name and then add the content in the editor now click on create shortcode and voila. Go to the editor of the page or post where you want to add the shortcode.

Click the shortcode icon in the  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers  editor toolbar. Post the changes! Shortcode ultimate plugin i have to mention this plugin because it is active in more than 700.000 wordpress installations and it has a very good rating in the repository. Shortcodes ultimate has a bunch of default shortcodes to create tabs. Buttons. Sliders. Carousels. Videos and much more. Below i show you the complete list of shortcodes that you can use. To do this. In the wordpress panel go to the “plugins” section. Click on “add new” and search for ultimate shortcodes. Shortcodes ultimate plugin options wordpress shortcodes have limitless potential. Now that you know how to use them. You will save a lot of time on your website tasks. Leticia bald leticia bald 04/06/2022 bet on unique content have you ever heard of seo cannibalization? If it is still a term that is not familiar to you.

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Dominican Republic Phone Numbers
Place! And it is that. In case of falling into this practice -even if it is unconsciously-. The positioning of your web page can be negatively affected . But what is keyword cannibalization? How to detect it and what possible solutions can we easily implement on a website? Let’s see it! What is seo cannibalization? Definition we talk about seo cannibalization when different urls of the same web page are fighting to position themselves for the same search intention. In other words. Two different contents hosted within the same web domain are competing for the same intention or the same keyword to appear on the first page of google. Let’s see it with an example to make it easier. Imagine that you have an online store of patterns to make baby clothes and you have created different contents to position the keyword “patucos de patucos”.

One of them is “how to sew baby booties” and the other one is “how to knit baby booties”. It is true that it is not the exact same keyword. But it does respond to the same search intention. And this is how the search engine algorithm understands it. So we would be facing a case of seo cannibalization. Easy. Right? Cannibalization problems generally negatively affect seo positioning . And it is the algorithm does not understand which page should be displayed in the search engine results when faced with different contents of a website that compete for the same search intent. Later. We will see that it has more implications. But for now. Let’s stick with the idea that google itself will relegate this duplicate content to lower positions and display content from other websites instead. What is positive seo cannibalization? At the beginning.

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That it is not recommended that certain internal pages of your website compete to position for the same keywords. But. However. It is not always so. It is true that. Sometimes. Google positions similar content on the same web page in the first and second position for the same search intention. And. In these cases. We talk about positive seo cannibalization. Positive cannibalization is a rare case. In fact. It usually occurs only on pages that have a very high authority and for searches with ambiguous search intentions. What harm do seo cannibalizations have for web pages? As we have anticipated. Keyword cannibalization is generally an on-page seo problem that affects web pages. Above all. Those who have an online store or a website with a certain amount of content. But why is it bad to have cannibalization problems?

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