You Can Set the Goal Achievement Process to Measure

By setting in this way, it is possible to measure how many users have achieved 3 pv . Goals ( cv ) can be easily set from the ga management screen. Go to the [gear mark] at the bottom left of the home screen and select [goal] from the Nepal WhatsApp Number segment on the right. Analytics management screen enter the [goal] screen and click the red button [+ new goal] on the upper left. Analytics goal setting screen if [template] is displayed, select the goal that suits your service and click “continue”.

If You Have Not Selected

The type of business when creating a ga Nepal WhatsApp Number account, [template] will not be displayed, so click [custom]. Click continue to move to the “explanation of goals” screen. Explanation screen of analytics goal first, enter the name of your goal. The name you set here will be reflected in the report, so set a name that is easy to manage. Then select the type of goal you want to measure. You can choose from 4 types, but this time click [arrival page]. Also, since the target slot id automatically generate, there  basically no problem with the default display. Click continue to move to the “goal details” screen. (from here, we will explain the setting method when [arrival page] is selected.) details screen of analytics goal 1 enter the url of the thanks page in the red frame.

Please Note That With

Nepal WhatsApp Number

The default settings, you only Nepal WhatsApp Number need to enter the url after the domain here. If you have multiple contact forms and inevitably multiple thank-you pages, select the match type from the pull-down next to the red frame. Select “match at the beginning” and set it so that it can be measured even if it is not the same page. You can also set options to further improve the quality of your measurements. Here, there are two options, “value” and “goal achievement process”. Details screen of analytics goal 2 by setting “value”, you can visualize the value of cv in monetary amount. Switch the setting on and enter the amount you want to convert to one cv.

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