Albania Phone Number Jay Chou’s live broadcast broke the record, 110 million fans squeezed into Kuaishou

Second, from the flow to the reserve, the fast hand is half a beat slower

Compared with its competitors, Kuaishou’s strategic layout and content operations have always left the impression of being half a beat.

As early as May 29, 2020, Jay Chou officially entered Kuaishou as “Classmate Zhou”. The next day, Kuaishou announced that it had reached a cooperation with Jewell Music and obtained the copyright authorization of the short video Albania Phone Number platform for all Jay Chou songs and song MVs.

It seems that the layout is solid, but Kuaishou did not give full play to Jay Chou’s strength.

He has been in Kuaishou for two years. As of now, Jay Chou has conducted 5 live broadcasts on Kuaishou and released 102 short video works. However, in the impression of some fans, the only live broadcasts that really go out of the circle seem to be the first show and this exclusive live broadcast. And compared to competing platforms, the live broadcast Albania Phone Number time of about 40 minutes is also relatively short.

Big factories compete for stars and enter a new stage

Albania Phone Number
Albania Phone Number

In the early days of live-streaming e-commerce, it seemed that only the route of “live-streaming with goods” was the only way to link stars and short video platforms.

However, with the popularity of celebrity live broadcasts, various shortcomings have also been Albania Phone Number expos. There are more and more voices of fake goods, pit fees, false data, and inappropriate morality. Until the second half of 2021, this trend will gradually die out.


Before the exclusive live broadcast of Jay Chou Kuaishou, on July 6, Jay Chou’s new album title song MV “The Greatest Work” was launched, and all major Internet platforms joine the battle for traffic.

In addition to Kuaishou, Station B and QQ Music also state that they would “launch a new song MV”, and the MV release was also 20 minutes slower than other Albania Phone Number platforms. Kuaishou’s exclusive advantage did not appear.

According to the statistics of Ranjing Finance, 30 minutes after the MV of “The Greatest Work” was launche, it received 2.45 million, 1.06 million, 66.028 million, 16 million Albania Phone Number and 6 million on QQ Music, Station B, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo and other platforms respectively. amount of playback.

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