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People today listen less to the radio. Because their Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Phone Number media habits are digitalbrand new with segmentation. When you advertise on (traditional) radio, you usually buy coverage and frequency. By that we mean that you can reach a wide range of potential buyers with your message. If you have good coverage. It means USA Phone Number that a large number of people have heard your commercial a certain Wuhan Mobile Phone Number of times. The more times a listener is exposed to your commercial, the more frequency you get. Do you think it’s complicated? You’re not alone! You can read more about coverage here: also read radio Wuhan Mobile Phone Number easily explained if you choose to advertise on digital radio –and podcasts in particular.

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Different opportunities to get the message  ut to a Wuhan Mobile Phone Number target group. Via podtoppen , we now have a useful tool that provides insight into who is listening, when they are listening and where they are. This opens up a completely different opportunity to segment and find specific target groups. In other words, you get manyof the same mechanisms as with digital marketing. This is what tom-eirik Wuhan Mobile Phone Number in p4 agrees with: «by combining podcasts and radio, you will meet more people than before. We humans are addicted, and having a long-term presence will make you meet people. It will be a form of retargeting . Know your audience one Wuhan Mobile Phone Number that is important to keep in mind when advertising on podcasts is that you need to know the audience.

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To podcasts, therefore, choose when they Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Phone Number want to listen and what they listen to. The podcast is a good companion for many when they are out walking the dog, exercising, doing housework and other things. This makes it a fairly intimate setting, where the listener gets the feeling of sitting in solitude with the podcaster. Here it is important USA Phone Number to tread carefully, and not Wuhan Mobile Phone Number the trust and credibility. That the podcaster has with the listener. Let us illustrate with an example: a training podcast that provides tips and advice on training and equipment is not the right place for, for Wuhan Mobile Phone Number , a furniture store to advertise. Then you can probably say that everyone needs furniture – but not in this setting.

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