Audience Insights How to Effectively Target on Facebook Ads

Knowing how to distribute your advertising budget profitably. On Singapore Phone number the internet is not always easy since the appearance of social networks and. The many platforms allowing communication on the web. If google adwords draws its strength mainly from. User requests and therefore direct-purchase intentions. Facebook ads allows it to target very precisely and very qualitatively. The users likely to Singapore Phone number see the advertisements. The extensive information collected by facebook on. Its users indeed offers targeting possibilities allowing to better understand. Its target if it is clearly defined,

A Similar Audience Created From Your Client List to Target Users Who Look

but also to carry out a series of tests to Singapore Phone number qualify it further if necessary. Reminder on the types of targeting Before getting to the heart of the matter, it seemed obvious to us to give a quick reminder of the different targeting possibilities offered by Facebook Ads. If you’re a savvy Facebook ad account manager, feel free to skip ahead to the second part of this article. By Singapore Phone number following the order of appearance on the Power Editor interface used to create your ads on Facebook, it is possible to target by:– Custom audiences: i.e. an audience drawn directly from your database (Client List),

The Tool That Helps You Target Audience Insights on Facebook Ads.

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 like them (Look-a-likes) or an audience drawn from traffic from your website thanks to the Facebook pixel affixed to it. – Location: the ability to target or Singapore Phone number exclude countries, regions and cities (with a configurable radius). – Age, sex and language: classic but very important targeting. – Detailed targeting:this represents one of the strengths of the tool which has contributed to its notoriety since the launch of advertisements on Facebook. This makes it possible to target by interests (from sport in general, to more specific rugby sevens), by demographic data (Training, Generation, Parents, Professional activity, etc.) or even by Behaviors (Mobile users, Travel, etc). – Connections: to target or exclude people who like your page and to target friends of your fans for example. Define your targeting on Facebook Ads Audience Insights,

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