B2b Strategy: How to Grow Your Business on Twitter

Social media are now widely used by Costa Rica Phone number companies that address a professional target. At the same time, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the benefits that social networks can offer: improved awareness, brand loyalty, increased sales, etc. Social media can really boost your business if you know how to use it correctly. Integrating Twitter into your overall B2B strategy is undoubtedly a good decision. Discover here some practical tips for a successful presence on Costa Rica Phone number the micro-blogging site. Used by almost 2.5 million people in France ( 2015 figures from the Moderator’s Blog ),

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Twitter is experiencing strong growth. Companies, therefore, have every interest in investing time and resources in the use Costa Rica Phone number of this famous micro-blogging platform which allows them to quickly reach an audience and have immediate results. What is Twitter? (for those who don’t know yet)Before starting to talk to you about B2B strategy on Twitter, I would like to briefly review the basics of this micro-blogging platform. Twitter is a social network on which users are informed in real time of what is happening in the world. Anyone can instantly

Share Information and Connect With People or Businesses From Anywhere.

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 It’s possible ! With 304 million users, one-third of whom are active daily *, Twitter gives your business the opportunity to Costa Rica Phone number reach potential customers interested in your offer. In addition, 3 out of 4 users access Twitter via a mobile device * This represents a real opportunity for companies to target their audience at any time of the day. *Twitter Insights 2014 Understand the basics of Twitter Tweet, retweet, twittos, followers… So many words that you have to learn to master in order to have an impact on the platform and be able to interact with users. Here are some Costa Rica Phone number definitions that will be useful for you to start on Twitter. Understand the Twitter language1.

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