Brand Community Managers Are at the Top on Twitter (Well, Almost All of Them)

It’s Friday, and, let’s face it, we all want to Bolivia’s Phone number be on the weekend! Whoever says no is not human! So that your afternoon goes faster, nothing better than a compilation that will give you the smile to start the weekend off right. Find the best reactions from community managers, whether it’s the CM of the SNCF with its sometimes spicy answers or the tweets of the Bolivia Phone number brands that have surfed the popular hastags in recent days, take a look, it will make you smile at office …The SNCF has found a community manager who has a sense of humor…

Derision Seems to Be His Weapon of Choice to Respond to His Community.

At first, everything is fine, the SNCF launches a Bolivia Phone number tweet for its “gourmet” tour which takes place in Montparnasse station. Operation of the SNCF on TwitterBut gluttony is an ugly sin that calls for drifting… SNCF community managerAgainst all odds, the SNCF responded! And, with humor on the menu please! Nice moderation on the part of the cm of. The snc the sncf has changed its tune by Bolivia Phone number opting for. Community management that is direct. Quirky and reactive. Other examples prove that the sncf’s identity is asserting. Itself and that the company intends not to let. Itself be walked on without flinching!

Is It Sometimes Too Aggressive for a Brand? In Any Case,

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there is interaction …Community management with humor and derision for SNCF Twitter community management strategy brand reactions to the hashtag #TuSaisQueCestLhiver Hashtag in Bolivia Phone number Twitter trends two days ago, #TuSaisQueCestLhiver caused many brands to react on the Twittersphere…Brands are taking over popular hashtags on Twitterbrand community management brands on TwitterBrand community managers on TwitterBrand strategy on social networks use of hashtags on Twitter by Bolivia Phone number brandsHashtag TwitterBrands have fun on TwitterThe hashtag SiJeCroiseET, launched by the Virgin Tonic on Twitter, has unleashed brands! The community managers have been crafty with creativity and humor, well most of them…

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