Build an Operational System for Digital Marketing

Additionally, easy to understand the site structure”, “easy to understand the lead. Wire to the cart of the online shop”, “slow screen transition”, etc. Are all concrete examples of ux . It is important to confirm which user you are targeting and to verify the actual usage from the user’s perspective. Seo (search engine optimization) abbreviation for search engine optimization. We will take various measures to improve the display order of search results of search engines. There are two main types Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number of seo measures : internal measures and external measures . Internal measures taken within the site. Such as proper coding, use of tags, and installation of site maps and internal links so that they can be evaluated by search robots.

External Measures Are Measures

Additionally, outside the site, such as links from Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number other sites or quoting the site name on sns. Tracking it refers to tracking and analyzing the behavior of users who visit a particular site . Track where your users came to your site and what pages they saw to reach your goals, such as requesting materials or purchasing. Even if it doesn’t work, you can analyze where you left the site. Google analytics it is a website access analysis service provided by google . Anyone can use it for free. You can analyze where the registered website was accessed, which content on which page is popular, and the attributes of the users who visited the site. Cookie it is a mechanism to temporarily save user information that visits a website in a browser on a smartphone or PC.

Can Vary from User

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Additionally, information stored Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number attribute information such as ids , passwords and addresses to access information such as visits. The second and subsequent accesses can smoothly provide information to the user based on the information stored in the cookie. It also has a function to automatically log in and a function to keep a history. Even if the product left in the cart of the online shop. Which also reduces the burden on the user’s operation. Terms related to marketing indicators kpi (key performance indicator) it means “key performance. Indicator” and refers to a quantitative index for measuring and monitoring. The achievement status of the process to the goal. Kgi (key goal indicator) it means “management goal achievement index” and refers. To an index that numerically sets the final goal in the strategy .

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