But in Switzerland Phone Number Fact, the Platform Concealed the Fact That

Others buy the same product at a lower price”. Which is essentially a “price gouging” and a violation of the user’s right to know and fair trade. Secondly, under the circumstance that the free logic of China’s Internet is deeply Switzerland Phone Number ingraine, there is a high probability of spending money to buy members from users with high loyalty, and such users are basically “high-quality users” in the eyes of the platform. The so-called high-quality users are defined by the platform as high-quality leeks that are not price-sensitive and have poor elasticity of consumer demand.

The second is to control the exposure

Earlier, some media expose his judgment criteria: First, the platform will set prices based on your consumption records. If the price of the things you have Switzerland Phone Number bought is generally high, big data thinks that you are “not bad for money” and then increases the price for you. The second is to control the exposure of products, block low-priced products, and display more high-price products. From the platform’s point of view, such “high-quality users” generally have a certain economic foundation, and they will not pay more attention to efficiency and experience because of a few dollars.

Article 17 clearly stated: “Operators in the platform

Switzerland Phone Number

Therefore, it is convenient for the platform to perform differential pricing. However, the regulatory level has already taken action against “big data”. On November 10, 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation issue Switzerland Phone Number the “Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on the Platform Economy (Draft for Comment)”, Article 17 clearly state. Conditions without justifiable reasons. And exclude and limit market competition.”

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