Writing in gold letters is a saying often used to celebrate the importance. Of an action or the qualities of a person, destined to be remembered by posterity. After all, gold has always been linked to concepts of value. And importance and for this purpose it is still used today also in typographic production. In the 4graph catalog, for example, hot stamping in gold but also in silver is proposed for the finishing of book covers, catalogs and magazines, as well as for document folders and business cards. On all these prints, the gold characters of a title or a logo help to make the product memorable and to ensure that the attention for the quality that this process is able to communicate remains impressed in the mind of those who receive it.


The Gold Characters That You Will Get

The use of gold in publishing comes from afar, for the jewelry retouch service precision of the art of medieval scribes, who enriched their tomes with the preciousness of gold drawings, drop caps and other details of their precious artifacts. To apply gold to manuscriptstwo techniques were mainly used the first was gold leaf, obtained by craftsmen who beat the precious metal to obtain sheets so thin and light that they floated in the air when dropped. The leaf was applied to the miniature after the application. Of a layer of plaster, composed of gypsum and armenian bolus, a red clay that made the plaster visible. And therefore allowed not to waste even a milligram of the precious metal.

jewelry retouch service

Made Using Even Pure Gold

The thinness of the foil allowed the monks to ZNB Directory stretch the golden veil with their breath, removing the folds and then pressing it gently with a piece of silk, using the thumb to make the foil adhere even to the edges of the plaster pad prepared previously. This is where the concept of letterpress comes from, returning to the miniatures, gold. Could also be applied using a golden ink, obtained by mixing. Gold powder and gum arabic which was applied with a brush.

The parts that had to be highlighted the precious ink was poured. On the scribes table inside shells of practical shell that gave the. English name to this type of ink which is called “shell gold”. The relationship between gold and books has continued over the centuries from the priceless. Jewel covers of medieval missals to the precious metal corners used to protect. The leather covers, from the friezes that adorned the covers with which printed books were bound up to the edges.

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