Check the Achievement Rate of Email Open Rate

Based on the preset goals, ctr (click rate), CVR (conversion rate), etc. We also analyze data such as a decrease in the number of deliveries due to user rejection, and identify problems from the analysis results. You can improve the accuracy of email marketing by making a hypothesis to solve it and running the pdca cycle. Advertising that is everywhere Thailand WhatsApp Number around us. It’s called offline and online, but what’s the difference? This time, we will introduce the media and explain the advantages and disadvantages of offline advertising.

What Is Offline Advertising?

Although this may be true, advertising that do not go through Thailand WhatsApp Number the internet. And typified by “tv, radio, newspapers, and magazines.” Which said to be the four major mass media. Signboard advertisements, hanging advertisements on trains, and recently video advertisements using digital signage have come to be seen in the city. Media introduction 4 major mass media tv advertising tv advertising television advertising is one of the four major mass media, and is an advertising method that utilizes television broadcasting, which is most familiar to the public. There are two main types of tv advertisements, “time commercials” and “spot commercials.”

Time CM It Is a Commercial

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That broadcast within the Thailand WhatsApp Number framework of individual programs. “provided by the sponsor you see” is exactly the time cm. The minimum unit is 30 seconds, and the broadcast period is basically 2 courses (6 months). You can expect a branding effect by matching the program content with the image of the company / product. Spot cm it is a commercial that broadcasts at a fix time regardless of the program. The minimum unit is 15 seconds, and the broadcasting period is from 1 week, which is a feature with a high degree of freedom. Merit high exposure can appeal to many targets. Although this may be true,l for penetrating the brand image demerit production. Costs and posting costs will be high radio advertising radio. Advertisements are general advertisements that.

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