Christmas Shopping on the Internet in France and Our European

Christmas being in 2 days, we thought it would be France Phone Number List interesting to make a small assessment on the forecasts of online purchases of the French and our European neighbors for Christmas. So let’s talk a bit about the numbers! And, it’s Webloyalty, e-commerce audience monetizer, which sticks to France Phone Number List it with two infographics. One on the purchasing behavior of French and Europeans and another on mobile purchases in France and Europe.

On Mobile Zoom in on the Infographic on the Right.

The French would be more spenders than their European neighbors for their Christmas purchases on the Internet Zoom on the infographic on the left . Out of 4,000 Internet users surveyed (French, English, Spanish, and German), 85% of them plan to do some of their Christmas shopping on France Phone Number List the Web. However, the scholarship is not the same for everyone: The French are a priori more spenders than their European neighbors. 44% plan to spend more than €200 on the Internet to buy their Christmas gifts . (did you talk about a crisis?!)

Than Their European Neighbors to Buy Their Christmas Gifts

France Phone Number List

We are therefore in the lead ahead of the Germans (40%, the English (39%) and the Spaniards (34%). Otherwise, question anticipation on Christmas shopping, we can bow to the … English! 69% of them plan their Christmas shopping 3 weeks in advance . The other countries seem to be less far-sighted with 47% on average. The palme d’or for latecomers is also awarded to the Germans! 8% of them plan to France Phone Number List make their purchases online at the last moment compared to 3% on average for the other countries. Regarding the nature of the gifts, the French seem to have remained with their child’s soul since we are the biggest consumers of games and toys ! The French are more hesitant

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