We Collect and Accumulate Customer Information

Owned media own means “own” and refers to a medium that is managed and operated by the company itself and transmitted to consumers . Refers to websites , blogs, e-mail newsletters, pamphlets, etc. Owned by the company . The purpose is to promote sales by making consumers understand the products and services. Cms ( content management system) it refers to a system that centrally manages the text, images, design and layout information Denmark WhatsApp Number that make up a website. Additionally, pages can be updated and added without specialized knowledge such as html and css for building websites. Ma (marketing automation) a tool that automates marketing activities and develops potential customers .

Develop Prospective Customers,

And analyze marketing measures. Sfa (sales force automation) it is a system that manages sales activities . It is not dependent on the individual’s sales ability. But it is centrally managed Denmark WhatsApp Number by inputting the matter information and sales history that the individual has into the system. In addition, we will work to improve the efficiency of sales activities and the probability of receiving orders by sharing information. Crm (customer relationship management) a tool system that manages customer relationships . It plays a major role in managing and analyzing. How customers behave and communicating appropriately. Specifically, it has a function to manage information. Such as customer purchase history, purchase date, member information, and inquiry history. Content marketing it is a marketing method that provides. The information that users need as valuable content.

Develops the Needs

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Additionally, prospective customers, and ultimately Denmark WhatsApp Number leads to purchases . It is important to continuously provide useful information. To customers and gradually deepen relationships, rather than selling immediately. Affiliate it is a mechanism to promote the advertiser’s product on a blog or an article on your site. And if you make a purchase, a part of the sales will  return to the blog or the publisher. Advertisers who want to use affiliate advertising register. Their advertising with the affiliate service provider ( asp ). Ui (user interface) it refers to the point of contact between users and services/products. For websites, it refers to the design, placement, fonts, buttons, app icons, etc. If it is a product, it refers to the appearance of the product. Ux (user experience) it refers to the user experience when using services and products . The scope of ux is wider than ui and includes ui .

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