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Before diving into the three tools, it’s important to understand all the major factors influencing page Sweden Phone Numbers load time. Accommodation issues. If your hosting is slow or unreliable. No matter what else you do, your site will often be slow and unreliable. There are ways to build fast sites and ways to build slow sites. Building lightweight sites with speed in mind and then technically optimizing performance is essential to Sweden Phone Numbers keep things moving fast. Regardless of how your site is built, it needs to be transferred over the network to the end user. Thus, the larger the site, the more data there is to transfer. You should aim to create pages no larger than 3 megabytes (mb), and smaller where possible.

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End user network. It’s a bit more out of your control and you really have to consider your end user. If people Sweden Phone Numbers are primarily accessing your site on mobile phones and using mobile data. You should assume 3g connections, which means things need to Sweden Phone Numbers ultra-lightweight to ensure fast load times. Combine all of these issues and you have a real problem on your hands. Bloated sites on slow hosting Sweden Phone Numbers that are riddled with technical issues and then viewed over 3g aren’t very good for your business.

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Sweden Phone Numbers
Sweden Phone Numbers

The following three tools all have a place to test your page speed and identify areas for improvement. That’s not to say they’re the only tools available. But when put together they provide Sweden Phone Numbers a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand way to audit site speed. Physical file size. This should be as small as possible and ideally less Sweden Phone Numbers than 3mb. Loading time. It should be as fast as possible and ideally under 3 seconds. Mobile charging. This should be as fast as possible and ideally under 5 seconds on a 3g data connection.

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