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to our notifications on Facebook, to Spain Phone number our retweets on Twitter, to our comments on Instagram. In short, we are constantly distracted by the movements of our virtual life. The current leading social networks are more “social” in their name than in their operation. Eric Pickersgill’s “Deleted” exhibitionin which the photographer had fun erasing mobile phones from photos of daily scenes shows this sad fact: we are obsessed with our life on the web rather than with what is happening before our eyes. Social networks would have paradoxically disconnected people from their real-life…

I Am Aware of All the Events That Make Up the Life of the District.

However, most of life happens outside of social networks! Although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are unbeatable in the category of social networks, we are currently witnessing the emergence of a new kind of “social networks” . Less egocentric, intrusive and voyeuristic, “real” social networks were born in Spain Phone number reconnect people in real life . The term “social network” can then resume its original meaning. These social networks that connect people in real life Peuplade: the neighborhood social network Peuplade: the neighborhood social network “Thanks to People,

I Regularly Organize Poker Tournaments and I Often Go to Tastings Organized by

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My wine merchant, it’s super friendly and there are always new faces. This testimony is the kind of message you will find in Spain Phone number people. Which declares itself to be. The social network of your neighborhood. Launched in march 2015 in a few french cities (paris, lyon, marseille and grenoble). Peuplade has been available throughout france for three months. (I tested, there are peupladiens in rouen! ) people connects the inhabitants of. A restricted geographical area to each other so that. They can help each other organize events. Between neighbors, exchange tips.

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