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Among the many exciting announcements at AMP. Conf 2018 in Amsterdam was the introduction of AMP Stories. A new format similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. If you don’t have Thailand Mobile Number the resources to write good content yourself. User-generated content can be especially helpful. However, if your customer review content is not optimized for search engines. It can work against you and delay or hinder your Thailand Mobile Number marketing efforts instead of generating more business. Below are four common issues (and a bonus) i’ve encountered while auditing retailers’ product pages and the workarounds i’ve used for each. 1. Page speed this is a much discussed topic and recently it was a mobile search ranking factor in july 2018.

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Unlike Snapchat and Instagram Stories, which are features within their own respective platforms. Products Thailand Mobile Number and content will impact the load. Time for that critical part of the purchase funnel. Customer review content is best. When it’s optimized for both hypertext markup language (html) and page speed. Suggesting that you Thailand Mobile Number open the floodgates to 500+ reviews on a product. Page is not ideal for anyone (adds content but also adds load time). Search engine Thailand Mobile Number optimization (seo) specialists and developers will agree that most third-party review providers will post.

Amp Story Thailand Mobile Number

Thailand Mobile Number
Thailand Mobile Number

As with the rest of the AMP project, other platforms should also take advantage of the format. These provide Thailand Mobile Number users with a very engaging slideshow experience with rich media features such as video. By your desired load time, and run Thailand Mobile Number some tests. There are different ways to expose review content to users and search engines. Create a secondary page to “read all reviews”. This page can also host Thailand Mobile Number remaining reviews. And can be optimized for “product + reviews” search queries.

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