Creating a Campaign for Each Purpose Makes

It easier to manage the posting period and budget. You can choose between two patterns for the budget, monthly and full period, and set if necessary. Creating an ad group next, create an ad group. In the ad group, set the target, delivery destination, bid price, and daily budget. In target setting, user attributes such as age, gender, region, os can be set, and if detailed Malta WhatsApp Number targeting is used, more detailed target setting such as interests and behaviors is possible. You can also use an audience list created based on tracking information.

Or a List Created from

Existing customers’ email addresses/phone numbers, friends of line official accounts, and so on. We recommend that you. Create a few ad Malta WhatsApp Number groups to suit. Your targeting and bid content. Advertising production finally, make creative settings such as text, images, and urls used in your ads. Clarify the message you want to convey and the audience you want to deliver, and choose a creative that has an impact that won’t be buried in other content. It’s also important to set a title that is personal to your users so that your landing page and ads are consistent. For how to make a landing page, see the page on how to make an lp (landing page) . Poor-performing ads may not be delivered as well as expected. In order to improve the delivery effect, it is important to create an advertisement

That Attracts the User’s

Malta WhatsApp Number

interest and encourages action. In addition, since the Malta WhatsApp Number industries, services. And prohibited items that cannot be placed inline ads are stipulated. Let’s deliver ads in accordance with the “line advertising review guidelines”. Please see the line for business official page. “Once the delivery settings are complete, it’s finally time to deliver. But as with the ad account review and creative review. Ad review will also be performed. The period is approximately 10 business days. If a delivery date is specified, be prepared with plenty of time. The point here is to check if there are any mistakes in the delivery contents. When working, it is recommended to create a system to check the contents of the distribution in addition to the person in charge of distribution.

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