Cross Views Between Pros”: Are Seo and Quality Content Compatible

Today, we chat again with our office neighbour: the ECC agency. After our cross vision on the professional blog , we are now ready to Ecuador Phone number tackle natural referencing together. Like last time, for the vision of the ECC agency, it’s happening here on our blog and, to find us, go to his blog, . Today, we do not miss the request: do you write SEO? But ultimately, SEO optimization and editorial quality: is it compatible? Do we write for search engines? Don’t see any link with my Norman origins…

It Is This Phase That Will Encourage Your Visitors, Your Readers to Come Back

The search engine can be defined as an intermediary, a prescriber between the Internet user and the content he is looking for. The content must, in fact, take the first step: meet the criteria of the search engine to Ecuador Phone number get a good position in the results. A particular structure, the insertion of keywords, a minimum text size optimize referencing. It can sometimes take a long time to produce meaning and quality by responding to these constraints. The second step is to provide the information, the response to the user’s request.

My Answer Is… Yes and No!

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 to consult or read you; and which will gradually create your community. Depending on your objectives, your target, your activity, you will inform, “train”, touch emotionally, why not break the codes through your editorial content. Quality content, according to Ecuador Phone number Google, what is it? Google talks about unique, non-duplicate content . Copy-pasted or a mix from other websites is penalized. Google goes further and talks about original content , engaging, useful and informative, credible too. This is in line with what I mentioned earlier, namely the second stage. And for ECC, what is content quality? It is above all an article, a text,

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