Dark Social Go to the Dark Side of the Social Web

As the release of the 7th installment of Star Wars approaches, it seemed appropriate to give a little nod, in my own way, to Oman Phone number the famous saga that all fans are waiting for impatiently. Nevertheless, I’m sorry in advance but I’m not going to talk to you about Darth Vader but about Dark Social What face does he have? What is Dark Social? You most certainly practice it on an Oman Phone number daily basis without knowing it ! Explanations. The “Dark Social”: the hidden face of social networks are like a huge iceberg: there is a visible part, what you officially publish on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and co. and an invisible part, called dark social.

There Is the Revelation: the Majority of Companies Are Therefore

The term “Dark Social” was born in 2012 thanks to Oman Phone number its creator Alexis Madrigal who wrote an article in The Atlantic. Behind this expression hides all the social interactions carried out outside of traditional social media, and hang in there, this would represent 69% of the shares made on Oman Phone number the web worldwide! Concretely, these are articles, links, images, which you copy/paste and then send by e-mail, SMS, or instant messaging. All this represents the Dark Social, also called the “Hidden Social”. And,

Currently Spending Considerable Sums by Focusing on Platforms Which,

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in the end, do not generate the most social interactions. dark social Who benefits from Dark Social?The hidden face of the social web seems to elude brands. But taking an interest in it can prove to be. A Oman Phone number considerable lever for understanding. How your prospects use your content. Who can enjoy the benefits of dark social? Advertisers all companies media brands. Brands producing and publishing their own content (press). Communication agencies in order to better understand. The weight of dark social radiumone has been published. A white paper based on the results of a survey. Conducted in october 2014 among more than 9,000. Internet users in europe the united. States and australia.

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