Define Your Geographic Targets to Exclude

Negative location targets exclude a location from eligibility to Bahamas Phone Number List show your ads. As a simple example. If you target the united states. But set a negative target for texas. Your ads will be able to show in the united states. Excluding the state of texas. Another example a large company with local branches. May want to target full dma for its various locations. While excluding certain neighborhoods. That are simply too far from any branch. To convert well from search ads. Also, your targeting method is configured to show ads to users who are physically or searching your locations. This allows you to serve ads to users in your area or show interest in your area if they are from elsewhere.

These Modifiers Allow an Advertiser

Obviously useful for any type of Bahamas Phone Number tourism, destination or other business that people are willing to use for travel. And of course, you can tighten these settings to show ads only to users in your location(s). The same goes for location exclusions. Bid modifiers per device bid modifiers allow you to apply a percentage value, ranging from -100% (excluding traffic) to +900%, which will apply to your maximum cost-per-click (cpc) bids. For example, if you have a +100% modifier and it applies to a maximum bid of €1.00, the actual maximum cpc bid will be €2.00 (100% more than your original). You can apply these modifiers to device types: mobile phones, tablets, and computers (desktops/laptops).

Obviously Useful for Any Type of Tourism

These modifiers allow an Bahamas Phone Number List advertiser to bid up or down by device type without needing to have separate campaign sets to achieve the same goal. Use historical data to set per-device bid modifiers in general, bid modifiers should be set based on historical conversions and performance data, so that your most profitable device types get the lion’s share of your budget. Positive bid modifier for computer traffic and apply a negative bid modifier for tablet traffic. This should help improve your overall campaign average. Cpa over time. Additional considerations for per-device bid modifiers you should also consider how your overall traffic and conversion volume may change due to these bid modifiers.

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