After That, I Have a Desire Desire to Want a Product

Because i need it, and that feeling memorize (memory). And the actual purchasc action (action) taken. Anisa’s this model was propose by Dentsu inc. In 2004, and is the addition of search and share to the aidma theory. After getting interest in a product or service. Similarly, Search the details on the internet (search), purchase (action) if you think it necessary. In addition, share your experiences and impressions on sns and blogs (share). To do. The idea is that this India WhatsApp Number behavior of sharing has the potential to generate new recognition and search. After all, decay this model propose by Dentsu digital holdings in 2015. First, content discover by the user actively searching for information.

A Relationship Engage

After all,  that, is built by interaction India WhatsApp Number with the company through e-mail newsletters. The idea is to check more detailed information about a product or service. Purchase it (action), and share the experience (experience) on a blog. 3. 3. Set items for the process. In the process up to the set goal. The behaviors and psychological situations. Similarly, change/influence are identified and set. Item and content example status recognize potential issues, investigate solutions to issues. Consider from multiple solutions, determine feasibility action consult and hear from others. Search for information, compare and examine information, and consult with the authorizer. Touchpoint sales department / external partner company / e-mail newsletter. Search engine, wp/company site once the axis decid.

Let’s Analyze and Fill

India WhatsApp Number

In addition, the behavior and psychology of the India WhatsApp Number customer among the parties concerned. It is also important to scrutinize the content based on external objective facts and data. Extract business issues for each process and decide on specific measures to achieve the set goals.  Therefore, we recommend that you work with the person in charge of the department as close to the customer as possible. Download materials: how to set a persona and create. After all, customer journey setting personas and creating customer journeys can be very effective.

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