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A computer-implemented technique is presented. The technique Benin Phone Numbers List may include receiving labeled training data, including sets of words, at a server having one or more processors. Each group of words has a predicate, and each word has a generic. Benin Phone Numbers List word embedding. The technique may include extracting, at the server, a plurality of phrases in the syntactic context of their predicates. The technique may include concatenating common word embeddings at the server to create a high-dimensional vector space representing the features. Benin Phone Numbers List each word. The technique may include obtaining. The server a model with a learned mapping from a high-dimensional vector space to a low-dimensional vector space.

Where Does the Context Problem Come From?

A learned embedding for each possible semantic. Benin Phone Numbers List frame in the low-dimensional vector space. The technique may also include outputting, by the server, a storage model that can identify the particular semantic framework of the input. This Benin Phone Numbers List. Differs from Google’s patented word embedding method because it includes the context behind the word embeddings learned in the semantic framework. This is clearer in another. Benin Phone Numbers List. Embodiment of the patent, also described in the abstract section of the patent: In Other embodiments, the labeled training data includes (i) the frames of the verb and (ii) the possible. Benin Phone Numbers List semantic roles of each frame, as well as modifier roles in the labeled training data shared across different frames.

Examples of Contextual Questions

The abstract also points to the possibility that. Benin Phone Numbers List approach can be useful in answering verbal queries: In other embodiments, the technique further comprises: receiving at the server speech input representing the question, converting. Benin Phone Numbers List The speech input to text at the server, analyzing the text at the server using the model, and generating and outputting. By the server based on the analysis of the text using the model. Benin Phone Numbers List answer the question. translate Is this method useful when translating from one language to another? The patent abstract tells us that a variant of the process described. The patent could work in this way. In some embodiments, The technique further comprises.

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