Different Types of Overall Site Navigation

The simplest overall navigation design, although not necessarily the most common, is the plain, simple bar. This bar contains all the navigation links on a Chile Phone Number List and is usually limited to around 10 links. Screenshot of moz. Com global navigation our friends down the street at moz use a single-bar navigation menu. In this case, it’s good that they use “Products” because it is a very well-known and well-understood brand. Also check out this excellent descriptive “free seo tools” ! If you’re thinking in purely seo terms (don’t), this is the ideal navigation. Instead of one bar, you use two. Some might call this primary and secondary navigation, but for the purposes of this article, I count them as global navigation.

Very Well-known and Well-understood Brand

Stat global navigation screenshot another from Chile Phone Number in the industry: stat uses double bar navigation with no drop down list. Screenshot of portent global navigation with drop downs may be biased, but I think the portent double-bar menu is quite elegant. This is before scrolling down. Screenshot of portent menu without drop down and that’s after. The second bar disappears and “Services” appears. This is a very good “best of both worlds” solution. Using two global navbars gives you twice as much space for links or more, depending on how you style the second bar. And, like the single bar solution, you don’t have to worry about a lazy developer (just kidding, I love you all developers) coding a dropdown list incorrectly, making it invisible to bots. ‘exploration.

Stat Global Navigation Screenshot Another

Chile Phone Number List

Let me repeat this because it is important. Also, you can accidentally make your navigation invisible. Again, to Chile Phone Number List search engines by incorrectly coding a navigation dropdown. But back to the dual bar navigation. Benefits links are easily crawled by search engines. Important pages are clearly described for. Users low risk of diluting link authority. With too many links the inconvenient. Design can look cluttered if done poorly. Lack of drop-down lists prevents. Topic grouping drop-down navigation. A drop-down menu is designed. So that when a user hovers over. A navigation item, a secondary list of links will drop down. Drop-down menus are probably. The most common way to structure. The main navigation of a site.

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