40 Digital Marketing Terms! I Just Want to Know!

When working in digital marketing from inexperienced people, you may often hear terms that you have never heard of. If you don’t understand the terms, you can’t understand the story, and it feels like you’ve been left behind. Such people are already relieved. This time, i will introduce carefully selected digital marketing terms that you should know. Area of ​​digital marketing first, let’s understand what digital marketing is. Digital marketing is marketing Croatia WhatsApp Number that uses data obtained online. Examples include the web, social media, email, apps, word-of-mouth sites, digital signage, and location information. Web marketing that developed on the web, center on web advertisements and websites.

Digital Marketing Involves

Web marketing reference article: what is digital marketing? Differences Croatia WhatsApp Number and importance from web marketing what is the difference between digital marketing and web marketing? In this article, we will introduce the terms marketing and digital marketing. Marketing area marketing terminology targeting it refers to selecting the customer base who can purchase your company’s products and narrowing down the target . Targeting settings determined based on market size and growth potential, company’s strengths and weaknesses, competitive situation, and external environment. There are customers with diverse needs in the market. Selecting a specific customer base makes it easier to develop an effective marketing strategy. Persona it is to set the target user image of the company’s products and services in detail like an existing person.

Information Such as Gender,

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In addition to objective Croatia WhatsApp Number age, occupation, and family structure, we will also provide detailed and realistic information on personal preferences such as hobbies, special skills, lifestyles, and values. It’s more specific and accurate than the target. Customer journey a literal translation of the english customer journey is “customer journey.” it refers to the process of recognition survey comparison/examination  purchase until the customer recognizes the product or service and decides to purchase . This series of experiences is like to a “journey.” by building the right customer journey. You can see things from the customer’s perspective, improve the customer experience, and increase brand loyalty.

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