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The use of interactive content for B2B companies can be very valuable, as it increases user engagement, improves the experience and improves conversions! Valentina Geraldo Oct 28, 20 | 6min read b2b interactive content plan You probably already know what interactive content is and you may even have consumed this type of material before. If you have visited sites like Buzzfeed, you have surely noticed how they use tests and surveys to increase engagement .


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To do with what we will discuss in this article. Now, your business may not attract as much attention with pop culture quizzes, there Iceland Phone Number are several ways you can use interactivity to make your customer’s buying journey more engaging and ensure better leads . We will see how interactive content for B2B can be beneficial for companies. In this post, you will discover: What are the benefits of interactive content? What are the main types of interactive content?

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Use interactive content in their strategies? What are the benefits of interactive content? The fact that sites like Buzzfeed can use interactive content to drive engagement says a lot about the audience, but very little about what interactive marketing can do for your business. After all, the Buzzfeed platform is very different from the one your company probably uses. However, as we will explain below, organizations can achieve their goals by using different types of content in their strategies.

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