Does Content Marketing Really Work?

It ‘s possible that this existential crisis is tied to Bahrain Phone Number List entire. Also, but there was and still is a part of me. That really wanted to understand “my place” in. The world of marketing. Does the work I do as a content. Marketer really support and impact. The overall success of a business. Or am I shouting along with a chorus. Of other people in the proverbial void. If you’re looking for compelling or reassuring statistics. Our friends at the content marketing .Institute have a great set of quantitative. Data to share with your boss. Maybe even follow some of the strategies from our article on how to sell a content strategy to your boss.

The Answer to This Dilemma Is Beyond

So, in numbers, it’s a “Yes, content marketing works”. But if we already have the Bahrain Phone Number as proof, how could I still have lingering questions about the value of adding more and more content on behalf of big brands? Content marketing leaders experience 7.8x more site successful brands that also deliver amazing content make me wonder: which came first, success or content? The answer to this dilemma is beyond the scope of this article, but it should be observed that they are most certainly correlated, although causation is often difficult to prove. Okay, last question, I promise: why does content marketing actually work.

After a Bit of Soul-searching and Re-reading

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After a bit of Bahrain Phone Number List soul-searching and re-reading my colleague cate McGehee’s excellent article on setting measurable kpis to gauge your content’s roi, I honestly believe the answer is yes, marketing content works…when done right. For me and the team at portent, “doing content marketing right” means connecting with your target audience through empathetic storytelling, while keeping in mind what successful interaction means for your organization. For some, a social media “like” or a retweet is an indication that their content marketing strategy is working, while others are looking for a bigger roi (like a sales or subscription confirmation). ). Again, if you’re looking for help thinking about how and what to measure for content, start here.

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