Dynamic Product Ads: Product Catalog Management by Facebook

Looking for additional solutions to develop your e-commerce presence on Facebook? Presentation of the Facebook service ” Dynamic Product Ads ” or “Advertisements of dynamic products” in good French! This Facebook service, launched at the beginning of 2015, provides e-commerce site managers with a Belgium Phone Number List brand new tool allowing them to use a product catalog directly on the Facebook Ads platform that we know. Despite the fact that the “Dynamic Product Ads” service uses a practice democratized by Google Shopping and other comparators with regard to the use of export of the shop’s catalog,

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the tool brings its share of new possibilities.Of course, the first strength of the tool is to belong. To the facebook ads platform and therefore. To Belgium Phone Number List take advantage of the associated services. Thus whether product remarketing or distribution. Of the catalog to a similar audience. The dynamic product ads tool benefits from. The effectiveness of the most developed types of advertising targeting. Features overview as mentioned in this short introduction. Facebook dynamic product ads allow you. To highlight your products by importing your catalog. Facebook will thus process the various information in your database.

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Belgium Phone Number List

 submit products from the same product category according to a defined targeting or to create an advertisement highlighting several visuals of the same product. Coupled with the information collected by Belgium Phone Number List the Facebook pixel (previously implemented on your site), this type of advertising represents a very effective retargeting solution : it is indeed possible to personalize the advertisements displayed according to the path and the degree of maturity of the customer. . The Facebook database also allows for optimized cross-device retargeting , since users are necessarily identified and on the same account, on Desktop and Mobile with Facebook. The tool has some significant advantages in relation to its specificities. In particular, it makes it possible to automatically pause advertisements with products that are no longer in stock.

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