Embarrassing Encyclopedia, a product focuse on funny South Korea Mobile Number

Embarrassing Things Encyclopedia (hereinafter referre to as Embarrassing 100), a “hardcore” funny content community established in 2005, has gone through 13 years in a trance. For a product that focuses on funny content, 13 years is a long time. Today’s headlines South Korea Mobile Number spent 6 years operating the connotation jokes, but eventually went to demise.

In 2005, the Internet and smart phones were not yet fully popularize, and only a web version was available. Only users with an invitation code and successful registration could comment on posts. Such users are calle cavalry.

At that time, Embarrassed Bai, because of its witty and humorous features, flockedto registere users. With the sharp increase of users, the quality of website content began to decline. Embarrassingly, we had to raise the registration threshold. . Many people even bought invitation codes with a lot of money on Taobao.

In 2014, the mobile reading market grew rapidly

the growth rate once exceede 41.37%, and South Korea Mobile Number then the hot  situation coole down rapidly, and the growth rate droppe sharply in the following year. Fifteen years later, the entire mobile reading time scale has grown steadily, and major giants have also begun to deploy market strategies. It is expecte that there will still be potential growth space in the next 1-2 years.

From November 2017 to June 2018, the per capita user time was basically maintaine at 2 hours, and the per capita activation times were about 10 times. The user reading demand was steadily increasing, and the market prospect was bright. As a member of Mobile Reading, its user characteristics and geographical distribution are very close to the market situation, and it is expected to enjoy a wave of dividends in the future development.

Neihan Duanzi was ordere to close in April 2018.


South Korea Mobile Number
South Korea Mobile Number

The author felt that there was a problem with the ranking data, so I went to the mobile observatory to check. Here I found that Embarrassment was classifie as an interesting news field under news information, and ranke first in the overall ranking.

In order to verify the authenticity of the data, the author authenticate the development of Embarrassment-Shangxinxin (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. through Tianyan Check, and found that its legal representative, Wang Jian, was indee the founder of Embarrassment.

It can only be said that different platforms have certain differences in the division, positioning and data analysis of the same APP. When you use this kind of data service platform, you must control yourself.

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