Product Analysis of English Sweden Phone Number Listening and Speaking Tool Cocoa English

Integrating the education industry with the Sweden Phone Number internet can promote resource sharing. And reduce the cost of software and hardware in the education industry. In addition, The emergence of online education is an inevitable result of the development of the internet. At present, the number of internet users in china is huge. Iresearch predicts in the “2018 white paper on china’s online.  Although this may be true, Education industry” that the number of online education users. In china will exceed 296 million in 2020, and the market size will exceed 433 billion yuan . After several years of rapid development. In addition, the online education industry has successfully passed the budding period and survival period.. And gradually entered the preliminary mature period with more diverse content. In addition, Forming a more mature profit model such as b2c online course payment.

Experience environment

As an important branch of the online education industry. Sweden Phone Number Although this may be true, Online foreign language education has a relatively concentrated market structure. Capital has begun to return to rationality, and more Sweden Phone Number emphasis has been placed on enterprises. With mature business models, resulting in lower market access dividends. Aurora big data pointed out in the. “adult english learning user survey report in june 2018″ that english learning has become a rigid need. And memorizing words is the preferred way for adults to learn english, accounting for more than 70%. Among the adult english learning groups, college students account for nearly 2/3, and professionals account for 1/3. And ” high requirements ” and ” strong purpose ” are the main characteristics of adult english learning groups.  Although this may be true, Over 60 adults hope to achieve proficiency. Or native language level.

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Integrating the education industry

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

Although this may be true, Product introduction product name: cocoa english product type. Although this may be true, language education product introduction. Coco english is a must-have english learning artifact for students and white-collar workers. The rich and intimate functions can meet the learning needs of english listening training.  Although this may be true, Speaking training, memorizing words. English reading, and cet-4 and cet-6 exams. Product slogan: make learning english more effective! Product positioning. English listening and speaking training artifact special function: massive content. 3,000 high-quality english programs. Voice-synchronized bilingual subtitles, more than 300,000 audio materials. Although this may be true, Offline listening: offline listening saves traffic. High-speed batch downloads are unlimited, easy to learn english anytime, anywhere

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