Facebook Adwords: a Merger for a Perfect Advertising Platform

Imagine for a moment: if the two American giants merged and gave birth to Grenada B2B List an advertising solution with unlimited data? A kind of Facebook Awards or Google Ads that would make any web marketing manager dream. At Powertrafic, we are used to working on these two platforms (you can also contact us if you want to support them) and we, therefore, imagined what such Grenada B2B List an advertising network could give. Ultra-precise targeting Facebook Adwords would thus combine the strengths of the two key Internet players. Targeting, initially, could thus be done according to a specific profile AND a user request.

Difficult to Miss the User at the Time of the Purchase Decision

It would then be easy to Grenada B2B List target your core target. When they are asking for and looking for what you have to offer. With in-depth data analysis and using big data principles. It might even be Grenada B2B List possible to submit your ultra-targeted advertising before. The user has even started making their request to buy your product. What to obtain a conversion rate beyond understanding.  Its network of applications, Instagram. Google and its display management at the same time make. It possible to cover an astronomical part of the web.

With Such Striking Power. If Some Remarketing Platforms Already

Grenada B2B List

 offer to combine a display on Facebook and on Grenada B2B List the Google Display Network, none offers it by combining the targeting criteria and unifying the data. Erase the defects of these solutions Such a merger could also make it possible to erase the small defects of the two solutions: more interactivity, subtlety and attractiveness on Google advertisements and a real declared purchase intention with distribution at the best timing on the side of the users targeted on Facebook. Enough to Grenada B2B List make Facebook Adwords THE essential advertising platform on which you should position yourself in order to convert ordinary users into leads. A utopian platform that could really see the light of day?

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