Facebook No Dislike Button in the End but Reaction Emojis

Almost a month ago mark zuckerberg. The CEO of facebook announced that his team. Was in the middle of considering the launch of a Cameroon Phone number new button. That would allow users to express their different. Emotions about a person’s status. The founder of facebook had not commented on. Its form but had all the same taken care to declare. That it would not be a button don’t like but more a button. Which would mean “I sympathize “. The ceo of the famous social network said Cameroon Phone number yesterday. On his facebook that he was going to test. A “Like” button that is more expressive. But what does he mean by that?

Mark Zuckerberg Keeps His Promise to Facebook Users While Remaining

From today, some users in Ireland and Spain will be Cameroon Phone number able to start seeing, alongside the traditional “Like” button, new possible reactions in the form of six new emojis . The Internet user who keeps pressing the Like button under the status will have access to six additional emoticons expressing: laughter, joy , astonishment, sadness or anger . Facebook has also added a Cameroon Phone number “heart” button, certainly expressing “I love it”, a nuance with the traditional “I like it”… Facebook has probably watched “50 Shades of Grey” too much! New “reactions”

Buttons on Facebookwith This New “reactions” Button Test,

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consistent with the values ​​of his social network, namely to Cameroon Phone number convey positive emotions. Bye bye to the “dislike” button and welcome to emojis which are generally positive, except those of sadness and anger. In the end, the CEO of Facebook is doing quite well with this “more expressive” button alternative. Facebook is testing “Reactions” emoticons to replace the dislike button It will now be possible to express sadness or compassion for a publication that does not deserve to Cameroon Phone number click on “like” as above. It is not yet known when this new option will be deployed in France,

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