Facebook Pushes the Mobile Experience With Its New Canvas Ad Format

Facebook pushes the mobile experience. With its new canvas ad format at facebook. Mobile advertising is clearly what brings. The most to Paraguay B2B List the company. It represents 52% of its revenue. Faced with this financial eldorado. The social network has understood the interest of investing in mobile. Development and in the user experience. This is why, in recent days, Facebook announced the deployment of its new Paraguay B2B List advertising format on mobile: Canvas. Specifically, Canvas ads will appear as sponsored posts in the Facebook News Feed .

However, Long Before Ads Were Integrated Into Facebook With Canvas,

The difference with this new format is when the Internet user will click on Paraguay B2B List the advertisement. Instead of being redirected to an external site. you will stay on Facebook and land on a full page. that will invite you to scroll through the ad to. discover the brand’s original message. Facebook Canvas Advertising Source. This new kind of ad format is a small step. for Facebook but a Paraguay B2B List giant leap. for mobile user experience and advertisers.What are the benefits for brands? Facebook has always invested in the video experience to give advertisers

More Creative Space to Reach Their Targets on Mobile.

Paraguay B2B List

 the ad was often slow to load and not always optimized for mobile, leading to frustration and an unsatisfactory user experience. This observation, therefore, prompted Facebook to think about the best way for advertisers to Paraguay B2B List share their information after people clicked on the ad. And, the solution was inevitably faster loading and larger ad sizes. Better ad load times Canvas is now available to advertisers around the world and truly addresses this slow loading problem as Paraguay B2B List ads will load 10x faster than those displayed on the standard mobile web. A performance that goes in the direction of the AMP

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