Facebook: the New “I Don’t Like” Button Would Rather Mean “I Sympathize

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook. Announced yesterday that its users will soon be able to share. Their sadness with a dislike button. Or almost facebook. Pressed for several years by its users who demand a dislike button. On Egypt Phone Number the social network had not given in so far. It was during a question-and-answer video conference. Broadcast on facebook, that the group’s founding ceo announced on tuesday. September 15, his team was working on the arrival of the long-awaited dislike button . “today is a special day because. It is the day when I can say that we are working on it and.

But That They Especially Wanted to Be Able to Express Their Feelings Which

that we are ready to start a test,” he told the public present yesterday at Menlo Park, in Silicon Valley. Facebook dislike button Towards an “I sympathize” button rather than a “I don’t like” button? Long opposed to Egypt Phone Number this “dislike” button, Mark Zuckerberg explained that he did not want “to transform Facebook into a forum where people vote for or against people’s publications”. He therefore did not want to introduce a thumbs down on his social network. After long reflections, the boss of the firm finally understood that his users

Were Not Trying to Denigrate Each Other,

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do not always rhyme with the verb “to love”. In particular, during dramatic events , such as a death, disappearance or attacks, people feel uncomfortable liking the publication. The group wants to “give more options” to Egypt Phone Number its users so that they can “quickly mark emotions and share their feelings on a publication”. But, the coming of the “dislike” button seems “surprisingly complicated,” Zuckerberg said. Its rather brutal name would leave more room for a button that would mean “sorry, I sympathize” . The social network claims that tests will be planned soon but for the moment no date has been advanced…Will brands accept this “dislike” button?

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