A Persona Is a Fictitious User of Your Product or Service

Set a hypothesis as to what kind of person should appealed. For ad delivery, you should decide the following items. Residence agebrowsing device interests (worries you have) (3) selection of media to be posted pick up a couple of media that might fit your budget and persona. The following four are popular as web advertisements. Google ads search-linked ads, display ads, youtube ads yahoo! Advertising search-linked advertising. Display advertising Belgium WhatsApp Number facebook ads]facebook ads. Instagram ads line advertisingline in-app advertising. Search advertising (google, yahoo!) an advertisement that is displayed in conjunction with the keyword when a user searches with a search engine (yahoo !, google, etc.)

Since the User Himself

Takes the action of searching, it is Belgium WhatsApp Number attractive that it can be deliver. To those who highly motivated such as purchasing consideration and inquiries. Display advertising (google, yahoo!) image ads that appear on search engines (yahoo !, google, etc.). The mechanism is the same as search-linked ads, but it is attractive that ads are easily noticeable and noticeable to users by using images. Preparations such as designing a banner of the specified size required. Youtube ads it is a video advertisement that continues to grow year by year, and is an effective medium for increasing awareness, especially for potential users. There are various types of youtube ads, so you can choose according to your purpose and persona.

It Is Necessary to Prepare

Belgium WhatsApp Number

a video and youtube account according to the Belgium WhatsApp Number regulations in advance. Sns ads (Facebook ads, Instagram ads) the best feature. Is that you can use the user information held by Facebook to finely. Target and deliver advertisements. It also said to easy to spread and cost-effective. Facebook ads often used for people in their 40s and 60s, and instagram ads often use for ads for people in their 20s and 40s. Line advertising it is select. When you want to cover delivery to users who could notcontact by other advertising media because the number of users is overwhelmingly large and it can appeal to people of all ages.

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