Fiersdelafrance Is the Operation on Social Networks for the National

“Let’s show that we are Proud of France” is the message that the government circulated on social networks on Poland Phone number Friday, November 27. The objective: to encourage the French to show their solidarity on this day of national homage to the victims of the attacks of November 13. The government’s initiative is beneficial, but the hashtag chosen seems to be controversial. Indeed, it was already used to Poland Phone number praise French successes in fields such as sport, economy, cooking, research… Two weeks after the terrorist attacks in the Paris region, France this morning paid tribute to the 130 victims during a sober and solemn ceremony.

Make a Selfie/photo in Blue White Red Post the Photo on Social Networks

at the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris. François Hollande saluted the memory of Poland Phone number the 130 victims and 350 wounded of the attacks of November 13. But the speech did not stop at the walls of the Invalides. The call for national solidarity has invaded social networks with the launch of this hashtag #FiersdelaFrance”. On the government website, we find the process, point by point, to Poland Phone number participate in “your own way” in this event. The government proposes to: Put a blue-white-red flag on your window (if you don’t have one, you can download and print it via the site).

With the Hashtag Fiersdelafrance or Put It as a Profile Picture Nationa

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 L tribute to the attacks of november 13 internet. Users are fiersdelafrance on twitter the participation of internet. Users were not Poland Phone number massive but, over the hours. Many internet users lent themselves. To the operation to flag the colors of france. Tribute on social networks to the attacks of November 13 national. Tribute of the french on social networks digital operation. Proud of France french tribute to the victims of november 13 social networks. Invested in paying tribute massive participation of institutions. However, in most cases it is above all a question of participation. By institutions such as the police the press. The government the national assembly the cci, etc.

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