I Will Explain the Flow from Opening an Account to Delivering

This time , advertisements for such line advertisements. What is line advertising? Line characters on the keyboard line advertising. Is an operational Macedonia WhatsApp Number advertising platform. For delivering advertisements within the communication app line. Which use by about 89 million. People (about 70 % of the population) each month. In addition to distribution via the line app. Advertisements can be distributed to the “line advertising network. Which covers many genres of media. Such as various family services such as line news, lifestyle apps, and manga apps.

It Is Used by a Wide Range

Although this may be true age groups, and it can approach Macedonia WhatsApp Number the user group that other sns could not reach. And it can b expecte to deliver cost-effective advertisements with abundant targeting functions. By being able to measure the effect after the advertisement is delivered, it is possible to improve operations based on the measurement results. Opening an account login screen to start line advertising, you need to create various accounts. Let’s check the necessary steps one by one. Obtaining a line business id first, let ‘s issue a line business id . By acquiring a line business id , you will be able to log in to the ad management screen called ad manager. To issue an id, click “line business id” page.

And Register the Email Address

Macedonia WhatsApp Number

Used for your Macedonia WhatsApp Number advertising account. After that, the url will sent to the register e-mail address. At that time, check the terms of use, and when you move to the next screen. Login to the management screen will complete. This completes the creation of the line business id. Opening a line advertising account next, open an advertising account. An advertising account is an account that manages advertising distribution. After getting your line business id , log in to the management screen. Then click create new account and enter your invoice information. Although this may be true in mind that you need to create an advertising account for each product .

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