Food E-commerce: a Sector on the Rise

Selling food products online seems like a crazy and risky idea to Jamaica B2B List you? Think again! Currently, a quarter of the world’s consumers order their food products online and the demand is not about to falter as 55% of consumers indicate that they are ready to do so in the future. The online food shopping market, therefore, has a bright future ahead of it. Indeed, e-commerce sales of FMCG (Consumer Goods) – FLS (Fresh Self-Service Products) should reach 130 billion dollars in 2025. Over the next Jamaica B2B List ten years, Kantar WorldPanel also predicts that online shopping will reach 10% of the market in France.

This Requires Being Attentive to the Legislative Aspects That Govern This Market.

The Internet, therefore, seems to be Jamaica B2B List the future lever for food companies wishing to set up an online sales service. Launching your own e-commerce site in the food sector, without having to depend on large retail chains, will certainly make more than one dream! But before you jump headlong into this online activity, a few recommendations will be welcome to help you avoid setbacks. know that French legislation will be able to take over to impose its conditions on you. Indeed,

Creating Your Food E-commerce Site Is Not Done Lightly.

Jamaica B2B List

 Otherwise beware of penalties! Find out Jamaica B2B List about the  French laws in force. Ask for a license authorizing you to open your food e-commerce site and/or apply for an operating permit that will allow you to sell and handle food online. Find out about hygiene conditions to avoid health concerns that will cost you all your savings. Be able to write detailed product sheets that you will make available to Internet users. This will reassure them and encourage them to order on your site. 2nd step: ensure an Jamaica B2B List optimal delivery service In e-commerce, delivery can be a double-edged sword:

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