French Startups Caused a Sensation in Las Vegas

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the largest high-tech show on the planet, is in a way the Cannes festival of new UAE Phone Number List technologies, it is THE meeting place for the most innovative companies in the world. And, for this 2016 edition, France made a strong impression. With 190 startups, our small country represented the second-largest contingent behind the United States. Supported by the presence of French Tech and Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of the Economy, French startups have come to seduce foreign investors to raise the necessary funds in order to offer their innovations to the general public.

The Seduction Operation Was Very Successful Since French Technological

And, know-how was widely acclaimed by specialists and the press around the world. Indeed, 19 French startups won at least one prize at the CES Innovation Awards, the pre-show that set the trends. Here is our selection of the ten French innovations that could well be talked about in the months to come. To UAE Phone Number List follow closely.D-vine 10 vins the Nespresso of great vintages rewarded. With the prize for the best startup at ces 2016. D-vine was able to seduce with its innovative concept. It is aimed particularly at occasional wine lovers. Who do not want to uncork a bottle for glass. At restaurateurs who are increasingly in demand of wines by the glass,

Or Even for Those Who Want to Taste a Grand Cru Served to Perfection.

UAE Phone Number List

D-vine, strongly inspired by Georges Clooney’s famous Nespresso. The coffee machine offers a wine dispenser by the glass. Like a pod coffee maker. No more need for the services of a sommelier. This connected machine bottles the great wines and serves. Them at the right temperature in one UAE Phone Number List minute flat. Parrot makes a splash with its ultralight flying wing drone. The french high-tech flagship parrot once again caused a stir at ces. A true specialist in the manufacture of drones for the general public. Parrot has once again caused a stir with its new drone disco. The french company has chosen to go against the current trend. Which is more for ultra-simple objects by offering a sophisticated model.

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