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Working on your long-tail, therefore, consists of Estonia B2B List betting. On a less sought-after combination of these specific keywords. To generate relevant and quality traffic. The long tail is an asset of your seo due. To the specificity of the combination of keywords. It is much easier to move up the positions. Even against the biggest competitors who may use more generic keywords. Indeed the Estonia B2B List long tail consists of two parts. The head keywords, or generics. Which are very competitive and on which. It is very difficult to position yourself long tail keywords

It Is Necessary to Try to Widen Its Study by Choosing at the Same

combinations of expressions of 3 terms or more, which are less sought after and therefore on which it is easier to Estonia B2B List position yourself because Internet users have understood that the more precise their request, the more precise the results! long-tail-scheme How to optimize its long tail? Identify competitive keywords and specific phrases While you will study the keywords when setting up Estonia B2B List your SEO strategy, do not bet only on the most used keywords to hope to position yourself on the search engines.

 Time More Specific Terms, Which Will Optimize the Quality of Traffic on Your Site .

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Example: difficult to be referenced on a Estonia B2B List generic query such as ” car purchase ” While the more specific the query, the more likely you are to appear at the top of the results page! → “ purchase of a new renault clio petrol car” , etc. Your click through rate will therefore tend to go up as the expressions become more specific. Based on user research You can also analyze the behavior of visitors to Estonia B2B List your site, by studying the requests they made to arrive on your page . Make way for skilfully written content – ​​by inserting the identified key expressions –

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