Take Advantage of Google Listing Ads!

However, it is not the end of setting once. but it is necessary to optimize while executing the measures. so it is better to incorporate it as part of the operati on of digital marketing measures. Do you know what Google’s share in Japan is now? More than 70 % of people use Google, and many searches occur every day regardless of location. There are several types of Indonesia WhatsApp Number of advertisements provided by Google. This time, I would like to introduce the listing advertisement. Get a better understanding of paid listings and showcase your products and services to your users at the right time.

Overview of Listing Ads

Show ads related to the search keywords you Indonesia WhatsApp Number enter when users search for something on google search. Therefore, it is a perfect digital advertisement for those who want to expand sales of their services. Also, when you think of an ad, you tend to imagine flashy visuals, but a listing ad is a text-based ad . Benefits of listing ads next, i would like to introduce the benefits of listing ads. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to make more people aware of the services of their company. Can be delivered to the actual layer the first advantage, as mentioned at the beginning, is that ads are displayed in conjunction with the keywords searched by the user.

It Will Be Easier

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To reach users who have a strong Indonesia WhatsApp Number interest in their products and services. Get started quickly with a low budget for listing ads, there is no need to prepare creatives (images / videos). All you need is a website that introduces products and services, and you can start right away. In addition, there is no minimum placement amount for listing ads. With click-type billing, which costs money each time an ad is clicked, you can start from a few hundred yen, so you can easily start even if the cost of the ad is low . More immediate than seo it takes time for seo measures from taking measures to achieving results. In comparison, listing ads can be successful from the day they start serving .

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