Google Merchant Center Add-on for Sheets Germany Mobile Number

For smaller sites that don’t offer a lot of products, the easiest way to create a feed for Google Merchant Center is to use Google Sheets. Now, Sheets even offers a free add-on that helps validate data and submit it to Merchant Center.

The Google Merchant Center add-on for Google Sheets makes it easy to create and maintain a Merchant Center-enabled product feed, a prerequisite for running Shopping ads on Google. Screenshot of taken in November 2015.

Over the past year, Google Sheets has become powerful enough that I often prefer it to Excel, especially for working with AdWords data, which I can easily import into Sheets using AdWords scripts.

 Online Product Inventory Update Feed

Large advertisers who want to send ongoing pricing Germany Mobile Number and inventory updates can now use the online product inventory update feed. It updates faster than the full feed and will not cause issues with the approval status of the full product feed in the event of transient errors.

Displaying the correct price of a product is key to maintaining a high conversion rate, so it’s a must for merchants who change prices more often than they typically update their main product feed.

5. Automated creation of product groups

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Google has made structuring product groups easier by allowing advertisers who create new ad groups to choose an attribute in their feed to divide products into groups. This feature also allows advertisers to place only one product in each resulting product group.

Here’s a use case where this can be useful: when you have 100 groups after dividing the products by the different brands you sell, you would have had to manually subdivide each of those 100 groups by item ID, a process that can be very long. Now Google can automatically perform this split at two levels.

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