Google: Mobile Queries Exceed Desktop Queries for the First Time

This is the very first time that Google searches on Cambodia Phone number mobile are more numerous than those made on computers.  Given the emergence of the mobile web, this revelation comes as no great surprise. Amit Singhal, head of research at Google, announced last Thursday at the Code/Mobile conference , organized by the news site Re/Code, that more Cambodia Phone number than half of Google queries were made via mobile, thus exceeding the number requests via desktop .

Amit Singhal Also Reveals That Google Receives Over 100 Billion Queries

per month. On the TechCrunch site , it is explained that by Cambodia Phone number “mobile devices”, only screens under 6 inches are counted. Exit the tablets! This gives an idea of ​​what the volume of requests could be via. A mobile device understands mobile in the broad sense. That is to Cambodia Phone number say, smartphones and tablets included. Google is doing everything to be number 1. On the mobile web, you now understand why google decided last. April to change its algorithm by giving priority to mobile-friendly websites.Webmasters, who had not yet adapted their sites to smartphone screens,

Therefore Had to Hurry to Make the Necessary Changes,

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at the risk of being penalized by Google.Google no cambodia phone number longer. Has to discuss its position as the number 1. Desktop search engine but probably still has. To make some efforts to become. The leader in mobile browsers before facebook and apple. Google is big on mobile and working hard to make mobile search simple and effective. Mobile friendly and, more recently, the new technology allowing pages to load almost instantly on mobiles , are proof that Google is Cambodia Phone number investing in the mobile web. However, when it comes to product research, most shoppers bypass Google and go straight to Amazon.

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