Google My Business the Latest Google Parade for Your Local Seo

Between the development of SEO techniques and the constant evolution of Google tools, perhaps you have already heard of this young tool, Google My Business? This interface, which has revolutionized local SEO since June 2014, is a service that combines, among other things, Google search, Google Maps, and Google + for businesses. If Saudi Arabia Phone number you are looking to be listed locally, creating a Google My Business account is essential! Discover in this article everything you need to know about this tool, its advantages and its limits. Google My Business: why choose this tool? In recent years,

The Main Function of This One Is the Orientation More Precise,

With the advent of digital marketing. in the first place, It has become essential for a company to have a good seo strategy (sem). as a matter of fact, Capable of enhancing its website in search engines. One of the missions of google. The leading search engine in France. Is to Saudi Arabia Phone number optimize the relevance of results. This is why, over time algorithms such.  Which have made it possible to refine the quality and relevance. Of the results offered to internet users. Google pigeon a major update to google’s algorithm created in 2014. Was rolled out in france in june 2015 and. Led google towards increased local search optimization.

More Useful and More Relevant of the Results According to Your Geographical

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situation. This update notably led the companies concerned to adjust their local referencing strategy . At the same time, Google has also sought to offer a local SEO service suitable for businesses. You’ve probably heard of Google Places or Google + Local? You should know that alongside these interfaces, webmasters also Saudi Arabia Phone number had to juggle Google Analytics accounts, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, Google Enterprise, Google +, etc. Not easy to navigate! From the difficulty of managing and coordinating these tools, as well as from Internet users’ declining interest in Google+, and in particular Google+ Local, Google My Business was born.

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