Google News: a Relevant Interface for Your Seo

Do you know what Google News is ? You want to Armenia Phone number make your articles appear there and have your site referenced there, but you don’t know how to do it? Here are some explanations to enlighten you and show you the way! Google News, what is it? Google News is a free online service from Google created in April 2002 in the United States and available in France since 2009. It automatically presents news articles from more than 500 different web sources! The automation of this service works as Armenia Phone number follows: each of the selected web sources is analyzed

What Interests to Be Indexed in Google News? There Is a Double Interest,

which indexes new articles. The content is then analyzed using algorithms to Armenia Phone number determine the topic. The articles are then sorted by degree of relevance according to keywords or the notoriety of the source. They are then grouped by headings: Headlines, International, France, Business, Science/Tech, Sports, Culture and Health. The news page is regularly updated. Google News also works like a Armenia Phone number Google search engine page , which allows you to search for articles listed over the last 30 days. SEO is also law and it is the best-referenced sites that will position themselves at the top of the list.

Several Times a Day by a Google Robot (Called Google Bot),

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Linked on the one hand to the credibility. Of your site and its image, but also linked to the positioning. In the Armenia Phone number search engine and your notoriety. Gain credibility according to research by edelman. A survey of 27,000 people found that search engines have become. A more trusted source of information than traditional media. In fact, 74% of young people looking for information would trust. Google more. 31% of those surveyed made search engines. Their first source of Armenia Phone number information in 2015. Far ahead of tv (22%) and the written press (21%).

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